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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Author of Note: Amy Lane

At the start of each new month I'm going to post about writers that have influenced me into wanting to write creatively.

The first time I stepped into Amy Lane’s world of “Green’s Hill” I was completely enraptured. She can spin an amazing story, and create characters that are worth every penny of your love.

One of the real reasons she has inspired me as a writer is that she is doing it all herself, publishing her work indie, so she can get her amazing stories out there. That takes someone with a lot of courage and heart, I believe.

Amy’s “The Little Goddess Series” is one of those diamond in the rough kinda series for me. Sometimes it can be hard to find a series of books you completely fall for, but when you do it is great.

The Little Goddess Series” is fantasy/erotic/romance fiction, so not for the little ones, but Amy has also published Bitter Moon 1, and 2, which are young adult focused.

Vulnerable the first instalment of the series follows university student Corinne Carol-Anne Kirkpatrick (a.k.a. Cory) and her discovery of a world of vampires, elves, and werewolves that are a very real threat to her safety. Then comes the rest of the series Wounded, Bound, and Rampant, with more to come.

Her writing may not appeal to everyone, but try her out and you may be surprised. You can hear more about her antics at her blog “Yarning to Write”.


  1. Yay! I'm number one! :)

    Great post, and I read down to your first chapter as well. It's very good! Good luck with it.

  2. Thanks WritingNut for commenting and being the first to follow. I appreaciate all feedback.

  3. I am stunned--and very honored--to be considered an influence. Keep writing, sweetheart--don't ever stop.