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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fire...A Review

When I don't blog in a considerable amount of time, about a week, you can safely assume I'm stuck in another land or era. So, besides working to put uni books on my table I've been immersed in a few good books.

I've been waiting to read Fire by Kirstin Cashore the prequel to Graceling for some time, but haven't had the time. I absolutely loved Graceling and the world Cashore created for us in her first novel, and I wasn't sure what to expect from Fire, but it certainly surpassed my expectations, which is a welcome surprise.

As the title suggests Cashore's latest novel is based on Fire, a beautiful monster creature living in the Dells across the mountains from the 7 kingdoms. Fire is the last of her kind and much sought after, dead or alive, for her abilities with mind control. Most importantly Fire has to prove to herself she is not her father and is actually a beautiful monster inside and out.

So, if your stuck for something to read this winter or summer, depending on what side of the hemisphere your on, you should definitely pick up Fire and than Graceling because they are both great books.

Before I go a big shout out to the first recipient of the Writer Wisdom Award, WritingNut, for the thought provoking posts she provides.


  1. Ughhh! It's on my nightstand just calling out to me to be read. But I have so many GREAT books. It's so hard to choose which one to read next. Soon, FIRE, very very soon.

    Happy 4th! :)

  2. Wow Bec - I feel so honored - thank you for thinking of me! :)

  3. Thanks for the review! I've been meaning to read this one, since I liked Graceling a lot. And not really related, but didn't you think it such a cool coincidence that Catching Fire and Fire were both sequels and came out generally the same time? FunnY!

  4. Is there anything better than when a book surpasses our expectations? Great review! I clicked over from WritingNut, enjoyed my visit :)

  5. Found you through Writing Nut. Looked like a cool book recommendation, so I'm following you now. Looking forward to future posts!

  6. Thanks for the review! Sounds good.