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Monday, May 31, 2010

My First Piece of Writing

I can’t remember the exact day or month I started writing, but it was 2008, my last year of high school. Only then did I discover a world of books I never knew existed. I was reading madly for the first time in my life and from that came the urge to write, to create something no one else had ever created before. My writing skills were not the best. In fact I used to hate writing. But, it turned out I actually love writing, when it’s on my terms. I decided to write a novel, but turns out those are harder to write than you may think. I kept losing concentration on what I was writing, always thinking of new projects. However, I have completed a few short pieces of writing which I will share on here, as well as some of my unfinished work.

It has been two years now since I started writing. I’m at uni and hope to complete one of my majors in writing. Let’s hope I’ve improved since my first piece of writing.

Here’s a look at the preface to “Ghost”...

Shivering, Rose couldn’t describe what she was feeling. It was like she was cold, but she wasn’t. She could just feel a tingling sensation all over her body. Rose didn’t know what to think. Was she going mad? She had to be. She couldn’t see anything. It was nothing. Just a trick of her eyes. It was late, maybe past midnight. She was just really tired. That had to be it! She was just tired and those shadows coming from the light of the moon were not helping her nerves. Rose turned around quickly and hastily walked to the door to leave the confines of the attic. Just as she went to open the door, that she thought she had left opened, Rose heard someone whisper something.

“You’re leaving?” The mysterious voice said.

...I got as far as two chapters of my first story. But, I don’t think they’re that good to share with you. They require a lot of editing.

I write for many reasons now to express my emotions, experience new things, tap into different psyches. It’s the fun of writing and creative writing.

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